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Eye Unveiler 422

Eye Unveiler 422

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Addictive ceramide + prebiotic eye cream (P.P*). Eyes, lash & brows youth. Unscented.

What it is

A daily intensive and addictive eye contour cream moisturizer designed to act on all the foundations that lie at the origin of a beautiful, healthy-looking eye zone area, including brows and lashes. This botanical and rich, yet non-shiny cream nourishes and helps to rebuild the skin’s superficial barrier.

Augmented by our professional black pin-point applicator along with our pure silicone pad to stretch the lid’s skin, including brow area. Unscented.

Suitable for

All skin types including sensitive skins.
Post-procedure (P.P*).
Vegans (including those looking for cruelty-free alternatives).
Halal skincare users
All genders

What are the benefits

Helps the healing of skin’s natural moisture barrier and helps to promote healthy skin microflora. Rejuvenates skin glow by targeting skin tone, skin transparency and skin luminosity.
Activates visible signs of youth.

Replenishing, Illuminating, Ironing.
Improves the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, hollows, puffiness + signs of skin fatigue.


Highly-concentrated, Orveda's unique formula contains 14 actives concentrated at 30%. This product is unscented.

This is our first eye treatment that contains bio-identical lipids i.e. 4% sterols, 2% ceramide, and 2% essential fatty acids, in a ratio (4.2.2) that favors sterols to improve the superficial barrier of ageing skins.
Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea for comprehensive rejuvenation on skin tone and glow.
A natural prebiotic (Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide).
Marine enzyme (Thermus Thermophillus Ferment) to help the healing of the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Botanical Glycerin, 2 Hyaluronic Acids and Olive Oil Phytosqualane known for their nourishing power
Peptide and Clover Flower Extract known for their lash and hair conditioning properties.
Organic Oat Extract known for its wrinkles and fine lines appearance minimizing properties.
Ceramide 3, a bio-identical natural-origin, rare and valuable lipid, to nourish and replenish skin moisture barriers.
Sunflower Seed Fatty Acids and Rapeseed Sterols to fight against dehydration.

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